Will Airbus catch up to, and surpass, LENR applied engineering out of NASA? The race to LENR NRNFlight is on.

Airbus Addendum 9 May 2016 to the “LENR NRNF (non radioactive nuclear flight) US and EU Applied Engineering” compilation:

Airbus DS Astrium - Bremen Germany


Bremen is the European centre of excellence for manned space flight, launch vehicle stage integration and space robotics. With a workforce of around 1,000 highly qualified employees, this north German site is responsible for key European contributions to the International Space Station ISS, such as the Columbus space lab and the unmanned Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV).

Airbus DS Bremen is the industrial operator responsible for operating the European elements of the Space Station. In addition, the upper stage of the Ariane 5 launch vehicle is developed and built at the site.

Other work and research areas include rendezvous and docking, automatic spacecraft landing, tank technology, zero-gravity research and mission planning.Airbus LENR inventor and Gothenburg University researcher team together. - end quote

As these high powered labs dial in LENR, Airbus is sure to be concurrently developing/designing LENR thermal applied engineering for aerospace and aeronautics applications.

Bernhart Kotzias

Bernhard Kotzias is employed by Airbus Defense & Space Astrium, Bremen and has been involved in LENR research for a while. He is the inventor listed in the Airbus LENR patent listed above.

“New publication by Holmlid and Kotzias shows new leads to Airbus LENR research” posted at the Low Energy Nuclear Reactions LinkedIn group by Rob Woudenberg.


The latest scientific publication of Em. Prof. Leif Holmlid and Bernhard Kotzias “Phase transition temperatures of 405-725 K in superfluid ultra-dense hydrogen clusters on metal surfaces” indicates a possible cooperation between the university of Gothenburg and Airbus. - end quote


For more about Lief Holmid’s Rydberg micro matter, ultra dense deuterium and muons, and their relationship to the LENR nuclear reactive environment, read the following analysis by Russ George.

“Cold Fusion Real, Revolutionary, and Ready Says Leading Scandinavian Newspaper” April 3, 2016 Article at ‘Atom Ecology’

Once again... I’m thinking we will see LENR NRNFlight before a certified home E-Cat unit is made available to the public.

- end LENR Flight Addendum 9 May 2016